The Art of French Cutlery : Henri Mazelier Collection

The pocketknife transplanted to the dinner table. As for all the models in the Henri Mazelier collection, Cédric Ragot has created original designs inspired by the traditional Aveyron knife of southwestern France.
“Simple yet beautiful, ancestral yet modern, it emanates an air of genuine grandeur,” Ragot comments.

To introduce this new collection of sexy French cutlery, is a series of still life photographs tapping into the trend of paper art, which also seamlessly ties back to the precision and versatility of the cut of the knives.

“The guiding idea is to update regional archetypes in order to reveal their intrinsic modernity and perpetuate their evolution. Each line will be developed with well-thought-out designs, created to switch with ease from the pantry to the dining table and back.”

A story to be continued, chapter by chapter, slice by slice.

On view at Maison & Objet in Paris, France
September 7-11, 2012
Hall 3 Stand D44

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