The Aire Ancient Bath Experience

Written by Arielle Crane

Tucked on a side street in New York’s TriBeCa, Aire Ancient Baths is an old-world oasis paying homage to the bathing rituals of the ancient Romans. It’s a water spa entirely in a class of its own and with only 20 people invited into the experience at a time, it’s also highly personal and private. The cavernous, subterranean 16,0000 square foot space houses four pools – both hot and icy – a saltwater bath and tub with bubbly jets. Individuals are encouraged to tailor the 2-hour experience as they see fit, dipping in and out of each pool with ease. The entire cave-like atmosphere is your relaxation playground; it also helps the stone and marble surroundings were brought in from Spain with terracotta urns, Moroccan lanterns and glass-walled massage rooms to add to its ancient flair.

Upon entrance, a vast loft-like space with wooden floors and gorgeous antiquated pillars greets you. You’re then taken to the changing rooms to slip into a robe and slippers (you must wear a bathing suit on premises) and enter the baths from a candlelit staircase. Wander down slowly so as not to miss the view from atop and enter a world almost unimaginable amidst today’s ever-bustling city. It’s the perfect retreat, a welcome respite, and best of all, entirely yours for the taking and enjoying. Different from most spa offerings in the city, these ancient baths harken back to a forgotten time when just bathing and sitting was as good for the mind and body as anything else.

Thanks to Sylvia and the Aire Ancient Bath team for providing us with the beautiful sensory experience. You can book your own at HERE starting at $80.