Terzo Piano Latest Work

We already introduced you to Italian design studio Terzo Piano , they recently sent us all their latest work and we love them as much as their first one!

Presenting below three of their latest projects, A Cloud in a Room, Marble Lab and the art direction for Granti Fiandres. All three are beautiful with Tierzo Piano mastering the mix of 3D renderings and interior styling.


Internal views give an interpretation of the classic through a contemporary vision. The versatile nature of marble inspires a play of new and unexpected matches. Colors, materials and volumes combinations melt together in a balanced dialogue and tell the story of sophisticated and minim domestic rooms.
“The versatile nature of marble inspires a play of new and unexpected matches.”


A story told in pictures realized with the installation with a strong personality. Where open books, such as marble wings, define the space. Settings are characterized by an accurate furniture selection, some of them are original products, projected to promote the flexibility of marble effect grés. Sartorial style for hint settings with essential character.

Published December 8, 2016

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