Teenage Kicks : Hearts Of Darkness

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      1. Hearts of Darkness

The last decade has been curiously absent of a few things – loud guitars, slamming drums, and powerful frontmen. These three things are, by and large, key elements in defining the sound of “rock n’ roll.” So, by this logic, it would be safe to say that rock n’ roll has been notably absent for the majority of the past decade. What these factors have been sacrificed for are things that are far more fleeting, and a sound that is better suited to impersonal, anonymous dance clubs than intimate, energetic, unpredictable rock n’ roll shows. This is music akin to a one night stand – meaningless, empty and, more often than not, something you look back on embarrassingly, afraid to admit you indulged in such an act.

Teenage Kicks are the exact opposite of that. Their music is like the girl you meet in high school that you end up marrying ten years later. Their songs stay with you, and you grow to love more about them as time goes by. It’s not a backdrop for drunken twenty-somethings awkwardly lusting after each other in dark clubs, but a soundtrack for young hearts finding true love and sharing moments that will stay with them forever. In a nutshell, it’s rock n’ roll.