Tech Trends Impacting iGaming Industry

While iGaming was previously viewed as only an ideal position for the devotees, this activity participation is, now, at a mainstream scale. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the iGaming industry has shown a huge growth from modern casino games to games adapted for mobile and tablet devices. Today, the emergence of new technologies has impacted this sector enhancing the iGaming space. Here are the technology trends that greatly influenced the iGaming industry.

Self-Restriction Tools

The policy to promote safe and responsible gambling was established many years ago by enforcing more stringent regulations. Aside from the stricter laws regarding gambling, self-restriction tools were also launched to help the problem gamblers or those who are at risk to develop a gambling addiction. One of the oldest self-prohibition schemes is GamCare that was founded in 1997. This organism has provided free solutions for the players suffering from gambling problems.

With this tool, the gamblers are required to register, and after the confirmation, they can ban themselves from the gambling websites of their choice. In addition to the self-restriction programmes, GamCare also offers options to the gamblers through its call service called the National Gambling HelpLine. Other self-ban organisms are also available and they have become the trends improving the iGaming sector.

Self-Exclusion Schemes

Specialists in the prevention of gambling-related problems, the self-exclusion programmes have also affected the iGaming sector. These organisations have offered effective solutions to help the addicted gamblers and some of them have become more and more powerful. When it comes to the most reputed self-exclusion schemes, GamStop is probably the most popular one. Launched in 2018, GamStop is a not-for-profit organisation to minimize harms related to gaming and gambling.

With this scheme, those who feel to develop a gambling problem should register and can ban themselves from the websites of their choice. Obviously, they won’t access these sites from 6 months to 5 years depending on their choice. You won’t be able to remove yourself from GamStop self-exclusion within an exact period. Other self-exclusion services have also invaded the iGaming area that can provide the best services as well. Some of the renowned names include Gamblock, BetBlocker, and Gordon Moody Association.

Tech Trends Impacting iGaming Industry

VR Games

One of the latest technologies that have fascinated the players in the iGaming world is Virtual Reality Games. This trend has continued to rise as it guarantees a thrilling gaming experience. As a matter of fact, by wearing special VR headsets, VR games emerge the players into the new world with more realistic images.

The table and card games have become quite popular chiefly the blackjack and roulette. In these table games, the players will be able to interact with a charismatic dealer and other participants. In these new versions of roulette and blackjack, they will be transported in the deep of the digital world. Nevertheless, other VR casino games have become a phenomenon in the online casino realm such as Slots, Poker, Poker Dice, and many others.

Pay’n Play Payments

Trustly released Pay’n Play, an innovative product to enhance the gamblers’ casino experience. With this trend, the players are able to have fun with their favourite games and quickly deposit from their online bank. In fact, with this solution, the registration and deposit processes are simple because Trustly helps them by acting as an intermediary. Since Trustly supplies the KYC information to the operator, the registers will experience a simpler and quicker process.

This innovation is available at the best online casinos so before signing-up; mind to have much information about the platform. It is worth mentioning that Trustly has become the popular online payment option in European countries. This Swedish firm can accept payments from customers at more than 3,000 banks over Europe. Mind that when depositing with this provider of instant payment, there is no fee required.

Chat with Other Players

Live casino chat is also the hottest trend and several factors contribute to the attraction. One of the reasons to make this significant innovation attractive is the ability to chat with other players. Before it was impossible to interact with the dealers and other gamblers but with the technology development, the chat box was created to make them communicate with each other.

In multi-player slot games, for example, the gamblers will feel like playing alongside other players and they can interact with one another via a chat room. Moreover, with other games like table games, no matter where they are, they can use their mobile devices by playing with their favourite table games and chat with other participants at the same time. This excitement and tension from the live chat option can be found nowhere.