Tanya Taylor S/S ’14 + Interview

Balancing cool femininity with youthful elegance, Tanya Taylor is a rising talent not to be missed.  Yesterday, she debuted her namesake line’s S/S 2014 collection at Industria Superstudio, her first runway show and just her fourth collection.  It featured fresh trapeze shapes, car jackets, beautiful blues and graphic prints, on materials such as organza and leather.  Key words effortless, light, and refined come to mind.  I got a chance to speak to the future star backstage about her inspiration.

TL: Congrats on your first runway show, I thought it felt very of the moment and timeless at once, there were a lot of great shapes and colors. What was the starting point for you for this collection?

TT: I was originally inspired by a Swiss artist, her name is Caro Niederer, and she had a show in New York last year. I saw it and what inspired me was her use of color. She had really heavy acrylic paintings that inspired me. So I started painting in the studio, and developed all the prints originally just from figuring out color and texture on canvas. I liked that, I wanted to get my hands dirty and put a mark on all the prints in the collection, and I think introduce color in different ways. Like, we have prints that are exploding with color, and some that are softer, and some that are stripes. Kind of how they all come together is the story I wanted the collection to successfully tell.


TL: How did you develop your palette, did hers inspire you?

TT: Yes.  She had really saturated colors, she used kind of heavy layers, and I think in the original painting I did there was a lot of depth to it, so that was inspired by her.

TL: It’s definitely a very ladylike collection.  What would you tell everyone who loves pants come Spring 2014?

TT: Haha, yeah there are no pants.  We have pants.  We just wanted to tell a story of a very effortless lady.  I wear pants a lot but I think there is something to skirt these days.  It’s easy in the Fall, we can incorporate them throughout the seasons. I am a big skirt and dress fan.

TL: What did you have with you in the studio while designing this collection?  Besides the paintings, was there music, anything significant?

TT: At the show we had 2 Grimes songs, we listened to a lot of Grimes in the office. That Yacht song “Psychic City” was huge in our office, we played it probably 3 times a day.  We had a lot of coconut water, a lot of dance parties.

TL: 3 adjectives to describe your brand?

TT: Feminine, sophisticated, and intelligent.


TL: One more, what’s your earliest memory of fashion?

TT: Earliest memory of fashion would probably be dressing up for Halloween.  My mom hand sewed all my costumes, so that was my first idea that you can make your own clothes.  [First costume?]  A bunny, and I think I only have pictures with a carrot in my mouth.

For more information, visit www.tanyataylor.com & see the whole collection on Style.com!