Svinafjellsjokull by Nicholas Worley

Svinafjellsjokull-Nicholas- Worley-02

Capturing the harsh yet poetic landscapes of the Svinafellsjokull glacier, the work of Nicholas Worley is a beautiful glimpse into the Icelandic mountains.


Svinafellsjokull, known as the glacial tongue of Vatnajokull, is Iceland’s largest and with its deep ridges and striking crevasses provide a tireless backdrop for the photographer. Highlighting Mother Nature as a powerful architect, Worley’s photographs are a textured, timeless and stunning display of the untouched.

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Svinafjellsjokull-Nicholas- Worley-04

Svinafjellsjokull-Nicholas- Worley-05

Svinafjellsjokull-Nicholas- Worley-06

Svinafjellsjokull-Nicholas- Worley-07

Svinafjellsjokull-Nicholas- Worley-08

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