Subodh Gupta: Everyday Objects

Subodh Gupta is one of India’s most famous artists. He has been able to reach the global masses with his massive installations and sculptures out of everyday objects, mostly icons of Indian everyday life  such as steel tiffin boxes used by millions to carry their lunch, thali pans, bicycles,  milk pails, and chimtas, (metal tongs used to turn chappatis). As Gupta describes his work  “All these things were part of the way I grew up. They are used in the rituals and ceremonies that were part of my childhood. Indians either remember them from their youth, or they want to remember them… and: ‘I am the idol thief. I steal from the drama of Hindu life. And from the kitchen – these pots, they are like stolen gods, smuggled out of the country. Hindu kitchens are as important as prayer rooms” Not only does Gupta address waste, industrialization, nuclear energy, tradition and memory, he also wants to connect us with the grim migratory issues that plague not only India but the world.

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india installation sculpture Subodh Gupta
Michele Llanos

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