Styled Video at Oki-Ni

I’m excited to see that we arriving closer and closer to what we imagined a while back about video + fashion + shopping. The first Oki-Ni STYLED video, has the ability to really show the clothes in movement, some great video details of the garments, but not yet the possibility to shop directly from the video.

What I mean by this is that we should be able to click directly on the jacket or the shoes and be redirected to the product page, ready to buy!
We know that the technology is out there, since we have access to it! But we have also never used it, since the videos we have in mind are pretty expensive to produce. Soon you’ll see that the web  will arrive there, since within the next 4 years, 84% of the internet will be video content.

Oki-Ni worked on this video with rising stylist Stephen Mann, and UK based design talent Reinform, Just So and Kate Moross’s ISO , with audio by ‘post dub-step’s bright lights’ (Guardian) Mount Kimbie.