Straits Clan Club [Singapore]

Singapore’s new private members club, Straits Clan, is a 4-storey newly renovated space that pays tribute to Asian design. Conceived by a local practice, Takenouchi Webb, it is located in a 1928 building and former New Majestic Hotel that remembers the times of Singapore’s colonial grandeur.

An open and accessible-to-all Clan Cafe is an addition to the exclusive Club that spans over upper floors. This is where you can explore 1920s Shanghai-inspired Madame Wong and Chinoiserie party rooms or a Tasting Room offering unique spirits and wines. In addition, the Club features business meeting spaces, a Spa and the gym. Their design is a nod the tradition of Singapore shophouses – an intrinsic element of local architecture and multi-functional structures, practicality of which was successfully translated for modern purposes.