Stefanie Brueckler 25/7 Illustrations

Discovered via our Submit form – We love Stefanie Brueckler 25/7 Illustration series – Read below her project description:

In times where peak performance is expected and work-life balance non-existent, not having enough hours in a day has become the norm. 25/7 examines this feeling of too much to do and too little time on hand, portraying the ethereal 25th hour.

This illustration series is rooted in the fast-paced NYC lifestyle and inspired by architectural details found throughout the city, from arched entrance ways in the Flatiron District, windows and door details of Brooklyn brownstones and yes, the endless stairs of walkup buildings. Capturing the glow of the corner bodega’s neon sign, the dark blue night sky, showing only the moon that is visible through the cities bright lights and the perfect blue sky on sunny days with the occasional dreamy clouds. This series asks the viewers to stop, look and transport their minds into these scenes, making time stand still for a moment, in a city that’s always in a rush.

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