Stampd’ LA Keeps it Fresh with his Street Art


I drove by Spaulding and Melrose the other day, after having been in NY all month and was saddened by the blank wall.  What was once was a mural painted by Chris Stamp & Co. for the launch of the Stampd’ LA brand back in January, was simply a big white corner. All the questions in my head lead me to the Stampd LA Blog, where I found out that the white wall was all for the love of art and keeping the streets of LA fresh & new. A new wall is in the making! Excited by the news I stopped by yesterday to check out what was going on…The new wall will be a combination of two Stampd’ styles; the Numberd’ and the Bayside Hi (ring a bell?) You can see the new wall formula below… And the wall should be fully up by end of day today!


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