Staffan Holm: Scandinavian Furniture

Swedish industrial and furniture designer with a studio in Gothenburg, Sweden, Staffan Holm has always been fascinated about the poetry of crafts as well as of the wonders of new technology. His latest Milano 2011 collection consists of five new items each inspired by aspects that designer values most in a product; craftsmanship, materials and interesting well executed out details.

Spira, CandelabrumSteel, powdercoating
Old laboratory equipment is the inspiration for this candelabrum.  The arms are adjustable in height and angle with a simple twist of the lock screw making this into a very versatile candleholder.

Ash wood, stainless steel container, ceramic mill, stained hard wax oil

D ´Albe, StoolSolid ash wood, laminated ash veneer, stained hard wax oil
Often there is much inspiration to be found in objects that were created for practical use, but became beautiful or interesting by coincidence. This stool is inspired by so called ”Duc d’Albe’s”; old anchoring tripods hammered into the bottom of the harbor and these days mostly popular social spots for the seagull community.

Forward, Clothes hangerSolid ash, steel pipe, enamel paint.
This versatile wall-hanged clothes hanger is just as much a sculpture as a clothes hanger. The rings inspire to be freely placed on the wall and will lighten up any room with its playfulness and interesting combination possibilities.

Atlas, Dining tableSolid ash wood, laminated ash veneer, stained hard wax oil
The image of Atlas carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders comes to mind when you see the legs of this dining table. By combining three pieces of laminated wood into a leg pair, the legs obtain unparallel strength and lightness that creates a strong character to this table.

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