Sruli Recht’s Transparent Leather Clothing

In 2012, fashion designer Sruli Recht had already impressed with his conceptual ‘Circumsolar’ collection, where clothing and leather goods made of translucent lambskin were showcased. More thin, more foldable, developed with electric colors, the recent ’Apparition’ collection is the result of a relentless three years experimentation.

Recht worked closely with the R&D team from Dutch ECCO company, studying ancient Egyptian and Greek tanning techniques to create the world’s first transparent cow skin leather. With a plastic aspect, crumpled like paper and water-resistant like coated leather, this stunning futuristic material is a real aesthetic and technical prowess and enrolls as a new category of leather.

Photography by Marinó Thorlacius


Apparition collection: Courtesy of ECCO Leather