SoSo: Who’s Gonna Love Me


      1. Who's Gonna Love Me


With a caustic beauty in narrative, oriental soundscapes and vocal force kicking listeners to the edge, SoSo (Sophia Somajo) drops her debut album That Time I Dug So Deep I Ended Up In China (self-produced, Do It Yourself Bitch Productions) as the dominatrix in her mise en scène. Drenched in emotion, the Swedish bombshell collages an industrial sound with nostalgia, dreams and the elusive spirit of a dark empress generating a natural exoticism with each track. She particularly pins ears to the wall with “Who’s Gonna Love Me”.

In her so called “self-indulgent journey” there is chiming and tonic keying. There is a fluidity in synth layering and beat hustling. Together with intimate lyricism beneath vibrato, there emerges an addiction to the Swede movement of DIY indie electropop. And SoSo has stolen the torch. Addressing the public on the launch of herself and latest work, SoSo strikes a match on her website with a letter to listeners:

“Hello lover. My name is Sophia, but you can call me Soso. I am nothing but a so-called “artist” with narcissistic tendencies. I have written, produced and recorded this album in my bedroom. It’s the story of my life. Literally. I am not poetic. This project is an anti-social experiment pushing the boundaries of the music industry. I have even gone so far that I have left my major record label and started up my own. I call it: Do It Yourself Bitch Productions.” – SoSo

      2. That Time I Dug So Deep I Ended Up In China (Intro)

photography by Ricardo T. Castano

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