Song of the Day: [12/29]

Gorillaz : Dare

In celebration of the new year I created a playlist consisting of what I believe to be the hottest songs of the decade. I thought I would share it but seeing as I cant upload all 100+ songs I closed my eyes scrolled up and down and let the mouse choose one instead. And here we have it: The Gorillaz : Dare. The “virtual band” from England stormed the scene in 2001 with captivating tracks that blended several genres perfectly and they were accompanied by cleverly created animated music videos. This particular song demonstrates their sonic and melodic innovation paraded through out their albums and with another album expected in 2010 the virtual group look certain to wow us again in the new decade… With that said enjoy the nostalgic moment and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Listen to “Dare” here

      1. Gorillaz - dare

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