Song of the Day : [12/22]

Dj Z-Trip & DJ P : Uneasy Listening


My itunes was shuffling and suddenly it played one of my favorite tracks off one of my favorite mixed tapes ever! In 1999 DJ Z trip and DJ P recorded this genius mix, Uneasy Listening, of which only 1,000 copies of  have been printed, likely because the roster of recognizable songs would never be approved for wide release in the litigious real world. This album is basically history lesson in music, which Z Trip and DJ P mixed in one week using records. I have included 3 of my favorite tracks, but each one ground breaking!

Listen to “Strictly Limited Edition ” Here

      1. 20 Strictly Limited Edition

Listen to “Up Into Little Pieces” Here

      2. 06 Up Into Little Pieces

Listen to “Only 1000 Copies” Here

      3. 21 Only 1000 Copies

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