Song of the Day : [12/18]

Thomas Fersen : Les Cravates

Thomas Fersen is a French singer-composer born in 1963 in Paris. His first album in 1993 brought him an immediate success. Fersen is a poet, who enjoys playing with language -he writes his lyrics exclusively in french-, using words, rhymes, symbols and images of vegetal or animal world. He tells strange and funny stories, impressions and dreams of casual life. His smoker’s deep voice gives a particular tone to his songs. His musical style varies from one album to another

Listen to “Les Cravates” Here
[mp3j track=”03 Les cravates.mp3″]

Listen to “La Chauve Souris” Here
[mp3j track=”Thomas Fersen – La chauve-souris(1).mp3″]

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Thomas Fersen