Song of the Day : [11/28]

Prince and the Revolution : Darling Nikki

Purple Rain soundtrack album cover

Prince, often known for his eroticism in music, came out with the highly sensual hit Darling Nikki whose lyrics are supposedly the reason Parental Advisory stickers on album covers were founded. The song is performed by Prince and the Revolution during a particularly emotionally climactic part in the epic 1984 film Purple Rain. The vocals crescendo from a slow story-telling type style to an intense solo of screaming, arranged ingeniously with some calmer guitar and drum work building up to an impressive rock solo of all the instruments combined. At the end of the song there exists a melodic mystery which is said to sing ‘Hello, how are you?/I’m fine, ’cause I know that the Lord is coming soon/Coming, coming soon’ in reverse.

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      1. 05 - Darling Nikki

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