Song of the Day: [11/24]

Amanda Blank : Make it take it


Amanda Blank is not your typical female artist by any stretch of the imagination. Her vocabulary alone rivals that of most rappers when it comes to the use of expletives in her album. Often compared to M.I.A and Santigold she doesn’t aim to distance herself from them but in fact name drops M.I.A and samples Santigold in her album. Also she somehow finds a way to make being ladylike sound hardcore. Having said that you probably think you know what this electro-clash lady is gonna sound like, but whatever it is you are probably wrong so give her a listen and do get the album. Just don’t listen to the rest of the album with your mom in the room.

Listen to “Make it Take it” here

      1. Amanda_blank-make_it_take_it

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Amanda Blank