Song of the Day : [09/25]

The Filthy Youth : Come Flash All Your Ladies

The Filthy Youth

Just when you thought he had won your heart over enough as the connivingly romantic Gossip Boy Chuck Bass, Ed Westwick wins it over yet again fronting his band The Filthy Youth. Another unsigned  indie injection into the British music scene that, much to our dismay, has not yet released an album. This song, along with all their others, is sure to keep you on your toes and definitely one to wake you up properly in the morning. The energy exerted by these filthy youths’ drum sticks, guitar strings, and vocal chords could make people that don’t even like rock want to dance around. The U.K. + rock has always seemed to be that inexplicable perfect equation.

Tell me why you wanna run away/

Sweet sweat on a summer’s day/

Go see the doctor for a cure/

I’m sure he’ll help you out, Amour/

Listen to “Come Flash All Your Ladies” Here

      1. the filthy youth-come flash all the ladies

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