Song of the Day : [08/17]

Amar Feat. Jim Beanz & D.O.E : Masala


Amar is a British-Indian singer and daughter of well know UK singer Mangal Singh. Anyone who keeps tabs on the international music scene or has spent time across the pond in the UK knows that Punjabi vibes mixed with hip hop and modern music is now a genre in itself. Amar does this exotic mix justice by combining Hindi and English vocals to form an eclectic fusion of sounds that blend perfectly. She has contributed her voice to quite a few major projects and is said to be one of a host of artists set to feature on Timbaland’s upcoming Shock value 2. This song “Masala” is the second single off her upcoming album “Show It Off” and is backed by vocal production genius Jim Beanz, rapper D.O.E and to top it all off, a classical Timbaland beat. Grab some curry, naan bread and sit back and enjoy…

Listen to “Masala” Here

      1. Amar feat. Jim Beanz & D.O.E - Masala