Song of the Day: [02/10]

Waldeck : Get Up… Carmen


Klaus Waldeck’s musical career started in Vienna, Austria when he took piano lessons at the age of six. When he was fifteen his music life was put on hold when he destroyed a Bechstein piano while rewiring it. Sometimes described as trip-hop Klaus’s songs have a very calm and laid back theme. They often consist of mellow vocals sung either by Joy Malcolm or Brian Amos (although sometimes they consist of only Klaus’s instrumentals).

“You step out of a time traveling device, realizing that due to a machine-failure you have traveled both 50 years backwards, and 50 years forward at the same time,” Waldeck explains.

A driving force in his native Austria’s burgeoning electronica scene, Waldeck is a proponent of the Vienna Sound – a smoky, gorgeously eloquent mix of deep-rooted, turbulent beats and soaring, luxurious melodies. Waldeck has produced both albums of Saint Privat who won the Austrian Music Award 2005! The 3rd Waldeck album “Ballroom Stories” has been released in August 2008 in Germany and Austria and has been critically acclaimed. It went straight into the longplay charts.

Listen to “Get Up… Carmen” Here

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