Song of the Day: [01/05]

Andre Lewis : Third World Calling (opus ii)

With the new year, new decade, new beginning or whatever you call it everyone seems to be talking about the latest and greatest. Almost every site that posts music has featured Jay Z’s new single “on to the next one” to ring in the new year as it seems so appropriate. Well a hot song nonetheless I decided to trash that idea after seeing it all over and instead I’m going way way wayyy back and bringing you some Modern Music History 101, 197o’s to be precise. Andre Lewis AKA Mandre was a pioneer, he was one of the first musicians to use multiple signal processors on keyboards (basically a way to manipulate and create sounds), he also pioneered the use of synthesizers and worked with now famous Roger Linn on developing the very first digital drum machines that were very instrumental in the 80’s pop wave and the start of hip hop. Not to mention the fact that he has one of coolest album covers of all time. Also If you ever wondered where Daft Punk got the idea for their helmets/artwork then look no further, Andre Lewis used to cover his face with a robot like mask too. I could go on and on about this guy but that’s what Google is for folks. Enjoy…

Listen to “Third World Calling (opus ii)” here

      1. 04 third world calling (opus ii)

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