Solid Gold : Who You Gonna Run To (Rmx)

So this was another Hype Machine accident. You know how it goes. Click their Popular tab, hit play and commence with the gettin’ down. Solid Gold is an electro rock trio from the mean streets of Minneapolis. This particular track is remixed by fellow Minnesotans, Mel Gibson and The Pants. No. Seriously. They’re known for hip hop and drum and bass. Generally more aggressive, they touch this track with rare grace. This remix takes the mellow, almost sappy (unrequited love story), and certainly catchy hit is probably the best work from both acts.  You can hear Mel Gibson and The Pants’ influence immediately as the bass-heavy intro hints at a dirty south riff before throwing glitched Solid Gold lyrics into the mix.  Familiar guitar riffs coupled with drum and bass carry you along a head bopping space adventure not to be missed.  Think of the Three 6 Mafia versus Ratatat.  Interested yet?  Click play.

Listen to “Who you gonna run to” here:

      1. 04 Who You Gonna Run To_ (Mel Gibson

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