soko the great pretender

Soko’s Raw Cover of The Great Pretender

Soko’s new album, My Dreams Dictate My Reality, is just as melancholically uplifting as you’d expect. Her poignant tone and rusky voice is a staple and when we came across her cover of The Great Pretender we were pleasantly surprised and nostalgic.


Soko’s cover of The Great Pretender was recorded exclusively as the soundtrack to Brooklyn filmmaker Tannaz Hazemi’s new film, Before the Bomb, which follows an emotional script loaded with memories. Originally recorded in the 50s by The Platters, The Great Pretender has been covered many times in the past but never with quite such sentiment.


Without having ever produced a song before, Hazemi spent nine months mastering this version of the track, working closely with Soko to portray the real feelings demonstrated in her film.

Listen to the full track below.