sofless limitless video

Sofles ‘Limitless’ Graffiti

With over 6 million views and counting on Youtube alone, Sofles latest video is one smashing success.


sofless limitless video

Created for Australian spray paint brand Ironlak, graffiti artist Sofles collaborated with film maker Selina Miles to create ‘Limitless’, a five minute colour explosion. A viral sensation that involved over 700 cans of paint, meticulous editing and pulsating beats by DJ Butcher – an abandoned Brisbane warehouse was transformed entirely. 


Speed ramping and an infectious creative energy from the featured graffiti artists helped produce this animated beauty.

A spinning spray madness that embraces an urban art often overlooked, Limitless rightfully received the THRWD ‘Best Graffiti Video Award of the Year”.  Click below and prepare to be amazed.
For more information, click here for Ironlak’s interview with film maker Miles and here for Sofles site.