Smith & Royal : Bo Diddley

Listen to “Bo Diddley” here

      1. Bo Diddley

Kelly-Marie Smith is the intriguing talent behind the sizzling hot new act Smith & Royal. A brand new development of swing-dance, roots, soul, and pop fused in one and brought to you by a true diva with some serious class. Word has it she has been working with some pretty big-time producers/engineers on this project including Jason Cox (Gorillaz), Andrew Dawson (Kanye West), Jony Rockstar (Amy Winehouse), Jason Boshoff (Basement Jaxx), Pete Craigie (Sly & Robbie, Stevie Wonder), and Adrian Hall (Black Eyed Peas) and it shows in her sound. “Jordan Stomp” showed up in the blog world earlier this month and was in itself enough to create quite the buzz around this distinct talent. Unfortunately the Mp3 is unavailable for download or purchase yet but Smith has got more than one trick up her sleeve and she is graciously giving out a download of her smash”Bo Diddley” here. Coming with an energy, consistency, and appeal that we have not seen for while, maybe since Amy Winehouse, you can be certain this is just the beginning of something really special. Yesss. Enjoy!