Six Scents Debuts Series # 3

An olfactive photo of a transformative moment

“Each year, the Six Scents Parfums fragrance initiative brings the experience of creativity with a conscience to the world through a collection of six individual scents. Created by a distinct group of designers and perfumers, these limited edition fragrances are designed to represent a global range of contemporary views on creativity and culture.”

TrendLand was invited to the exclusive preview of the Six Scents Series Three debut in New York.

Perfumers shared their experiences creating unique, limited edition unisex fragrances designed to capture just that: experiences. Moments in time. And, a new way to interact with scent.

Series Three of Six Scents is “an exploration into the nature of childhood memories and the influence of adolescence on identity.” Six designers from six different parts of the world remember the most definitive and intimate experiences of their youth, and realize it today through fragrance.

No 1: Beau Bow by Alexis Mabille & Rodrigo Flores-Roux

Alexis Mabille was compelled to create a trance, and perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux described fragrance as personal and so a part of your life – your persona. Beau Bow is “genderless toward feminine,” and citrus-heavy with a lack of florals.

“We re imagined the fresh and elegant ‘Eau Fraiche’ structure so popular in France in the 70s and gave it a jolt. The crisply fragrant image of a very chic and cultured French teenager who enjoys his quirks and is eager to discover the world, making love to it for the first time and breathing it all in.”

Ingredients include mandarin, provencial lavender and violet leaf absolute top notes, sambac and honeysuckle in the heart notes and a vetyvert and Florence iris bottom.

No 2: Trompe L’Oeil by Mary Katrantzou & Shyamala Maisondieu

In the Six Scents documentary film, designer Mary Katrantzou tenderly describes fantasy, femininity, emotion and the transcendence of time and dimension through scent.

Perfumer Shyamala Maisondieu realized this in “a classical feminine theme. I modernized it with some fruity and citrusy facets to bring colors and life.”

A bouquet of florals add voluptuousness and oriental notes, sensuality.

No 3: Can’t Smell Fear by Juun. J & Natalie Gracia-Cetto

As I write this, I am wearing N0 3. The scent of feelings is a sensual, musky, leather cloak.

Juun. J was moment and location inspired to design a fragrance of feeling. Something new and strange but soothing. Gracia-Cetto says: “I wanted to create a fragrance that provides comfort – that protects you in an urban universe.” Bergamot and pink pepper top notes meet Ambrette seeds, Orris and Cederwood in the heart, and Leather Accord, Sandalwood, Amber and Musks in the bottom for a subtle, seductive finish.

No 4: Ascent by Rad Hourani & Christophe Raynaud

The scent Ascent spans life – from inception to exit. Explicitly inspired by the scent of semen,  Rad Hourani and Raynaud’s collaboration is rather a bright, cool, powdery fragrance – crisp and new like lawn dew at dawn.

“Origin of life is expressed by a fresh accord, green and watery like a drop of sperm. Childhood is evoked by baby powder. Midlife is a leathery note, comfortable yet strong. The end of life is symbolized by incense, not a morbid, but a liturgic odor, evoking the ambiance of the churches.” – Raynaud

Ingredients: Pear juice and violet leaf top notes; ylang ylang and rose heart; a powdery musk and tonka bean bottom.

No 5: #087 by N.Hoolywood & Stephen Nilsen

Citing engine oil and the pine of the Japanese forests, fragrance to N.Hoolywood is a way to deliver one’s identity.

Nilsen captured “the smell of engine oil in his father’s car; the saltiness of the ocean; the clean, relaxing feeling of grooming and bathing captured through the scent of the Hiba tree, Hinoki wood, cypress, nutmeg and rosemary.”

Ingredients: Hiba tree, Sugi leaves and green cypress top notes; motor oil and Moroccan rosemary heart notes and Hinoki wood in the bottom.

No 6: M by Ohne Titel & Yann Vasnier

Ohne Titel designers Flora Gill and Alexa Adams remembered the mélange of wet rocks, dust, dirt and berries from their youth for “M”, which is “warm, enigmatic and organic”.

Vasnier “tried to recreate their attention to intricate tailoring, architecture of design, care of detail and feminine aspects using strong and signature materials like cardamom, safraleine and leather.”

Six Scents was founded by Joseph Quartana, Founder of Seven New York, and Kaya Sorhaindo, Founder and Creative Director of Metaproject creative agency.

A portion of the Series Three proceeds benefit War Child International, which supports of children who’ve not been fortunate enough to experience the same freedom of childhood and adolescence as these artists.