Sissy Wish: Dance All Night With You

Listen to “Dance All Night With You” here

      1. 01 Dance All Night With You

The sun hardly sets in Norwegian summer skies, and maybe that’s what inspired Sissy Wish in her desirous-titled single, “Dance All Night With You.” You can surely dance all night when the sun stays up with you. Interesting enough, Siri Ålberg’s stage name derived from Per Pusling, a character in a novel by Astrid Lindgren, the Swedish brain

behind children’s character Pippi Longstocking. Despite the title, Sissy’s music is anything but juvenile. This track demonstrates an unconventional compartmentalization of ranging musical species. It starts with tropical exotic sounds, moves into that bumping pop hook, and then, there’s that eery electronic bridge that just gets you even more excited for the chorus’ return! Her bright Cyndi Lauper-esque voice sets her apart and gives full control to her highly energetic pursuits. This one here was a true treasure to find among many like-sounding artists in the myriad of music bins being shoved into existence these days. The colorful style she displays lends herself to a comparison to Trendland favorite, tUnE-yArDs. Fantastic by association, but she doesn’t need it. Just press play and discover why.