Sin Fang: Always Everything

Listen to “Always Everything” here

      1. 06 Always Everything


Iceland’s Sin Fang is lead singer of band, seabear, and sure knows how to make feel-good soft sounds of whimsicality. Redefining vocal harmonies, his buoyant and cross-faded melodies are sung with an energy so lively in nature that it seems animalistic–especially with the chants.

Guileless, yet meaningful lyrics such as “I wash only to get dirty again,” make the words sung even more influential in feeling with their double-entendres and young wisdom. I will say this: if you enjoy the Local Natives, you will without a doubt enjoy this song, as it shares many similar elements with the American band’s style.

For summer’s sake, this March-released beaut has come back into my ever-changing playlists from it’s EP, Summer Echoes (how perfect). It is a beach day in form of mellow song. Relax, sit back, and welcome the sunny season back into rotation.