She & Him : In The Sun

Ever heard of Munchausen by Proxy? No? Well they’re only the best fictional band ever.  Check out the world famous Jim Carrey in Yes Man and you’ll discover Zooey Deschanel proving her rock chops.  Sure her pipes shone bright in Elf, but this actress turned dorky rock star teamed up with guitar maven Matt Ward (read: M. Ward) to create She & Him.

She & Him are too damn catchy.  I had a hard time picking the right song off their second album, aptly named Volume 2, but this is the one they’re pushing so her it is, In The Sun.  Like I said it’s catchy.  But these two mix M. Ward’s indie folk rock sound with Zooey’s awesome voice.  Seriously.  It’s awesome.  She reminds of a mix between old school country (June Carter) and new school soul (Sky Ferreira, stretch?).  Zooey Deschanel will sing to your heart, assuming you can abide her vegan-ism that is.  Catch She & Him in New York at Terminal 5 on on July 6th or at the Hollywood Bowl on July 18th.  If not, then at they very least enjoy this track reminding us of what Summer’s all about: no matter what happens, “just keep [yourself] in the sun.”

Listen to “In The Sun” here

      1. 02 In the Sun

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