Sex and the City Style : Gladiator Sandal

After the other nights 20 minute discussion with my gals about Carrie Bradshaw’s favorite shoes in the movie I felt it necessary to put all assumptions aside. So I’m here to confirm that yes those were Dior, Extreme Gladiator Platform shoes, that she wore in all our favorite scenes of her. She even wore them in a silverish color with her wedding dress designed by Vivien Westwood. If you have not yet gone on a rampage for them, let me just inform you that they are from the fall 08 collection, so they are unavailable anywhere, but stores do seem to be taking special orders. They will be going for $770, and the damn copy cat master, Steve Madden, is cashing on the rage before the real thing is even available. So you can buy the Steve Madden imitation now and be in horrible pain in your feet and ego for only $109.

from left to right: Dior original, Steve Madden Copy