Seletti X Toiletpaper

If it is even possible for Italian design company, Seletti, to be even more amazing, they have just launched their newest collaboration with Toiletpaper magazine, cleverly depicted as Seletti wears Toiletpaper. A collection filled with black humor and borderline creepy images that are equal parts chic and surreal. Their classic “Estetico Quotidiano” collection is transformed by Toiletpaper into a collectors set of the most random objects imaginable. Kitchen plungers, severed fingers, beating hearts, horses, a fish filled with jewels and other oddities. First debuted in Milan during Salone del Mobile, this curious collection is now available in stores and online, enjoy a mug of coffee with severed fingers and know that this could only be something dreamt up by Toiletpaper and Seletti.

“Just like Toiletpaper’s images, the collection designed with Seletti has a vintage charm; the tin mugs and plates look like they were just taken out from a Fifties’ kitchen pantry, the oilcloths from the drawers of a suburban inn”.
-Maurizio Cattelan


Seletti X Toilerpaper