Secchin: Night Lights feat. Maria Luiza Jobim

I had the best discovery (of the year maybe) while visiting my hometown Rio de Janeiro last week.

      1. Secchin: Night Lights feat. Maria Luiza Jobim

I knew of Julio Secchin as the director of the Leo Justi’s “O Homem Mau” video, which raised the bar for video clips in Brazil, elevating the level of quality and creativity to new heights, in my opinion.  I didn’t know that he also happens to be a producer, and a really good one. His mind blowing debut single “Night Lights” invites you to 2 minutes of a completely dreamy, spaced out atmosphere.  The first minute takes us on an odyssey of lo-fi experimentation, where drifting bass notes prepare us to be delighted by the vocals of Maria Luiza Jobim (who is coming out this year as “Opala”, you will probably hear more of her here at Trendland). As a producer he presents himself only as Secchin; stay tuned.

More Information:

Also, his brother Gabriel Secchin is the one responsible for the artwork, a quite talented family indeed.