SebastiAn: Love in Motion (Feat. Mayer Hawthorne)

Listen to “Love in Motion (Feat. Mayer Hawthorne)” here

[mp3j track=”Sebastian-feat-Mayer-Hawthorne_Love-In-Motion.mp3″]


Ed Banger‘s boy, SebastiAn is releasing a 22-track debut album, Total, next week (May 31st). There’s oodles to come, including collaborations with M.I.A. and Gaspard Augé of Justice. A preview of the voluminous product of many labored years starts with this tasty single, “Love in Motion” and dance-tastic, disco masterpiece, “Embody” released last month. The French youngster pays tribute to Prince, a fellow master of dark electronic pop and slow tempo-ed dance hits–a lofty music goal, achieved with a little help from Mayer Hawthorne‘s high-as-the-sky Motown vocals. I am so into it. Fall in love! Get in motion!