Sebastian Jansson’s Geometric Furniture Design


Finnish furniture designer Sebastian Jansson have some interesting pieces in his portfolio, especially those really cool  ‘Habitus‘ Stools : Inspired by the coffee leafs, those geometric shape stools, looks great and seems really comfortable ( see video interview below)


—The stool is made from is laser cut 1mm steel, folded and welded. Habitus has been developed and manufactured during Jansson’s time in Milan in 2008-09. It was originally designed to feature in café and coffee shop of Kaffa Roastery based in Helsinki

But is now represented internationally. Jansson has also created the brand identity and communication for this boutique coffee roastersebastian-jansson-geometric-furniture-design2



Geometric Furniture Design5

This modular lamp is contemporary study of two materials- both placed in a foreign context. The reflective and semitransparent material delivered by the Philippine company Stavellan Inc. uses this material as never before. The light is deflected in six directions within a sphere, and diffuses the light in a spectacular manner, creating an optical illusion.

Geometric Furniture Design4

The use of Velcro® Ultramate® as a joining mechanism, creates an extremely rigid framework as together it forms the skeletal structure for light diffusion. The aesthetic of the light has been inspired by clouds, as there is no limit to how this system can be arranged. Yet again, Cumulus is a reflection of Jansson’s geometric interpretation of the organic environment.

thanks to changeyourthought for the tip !