Scissor Sisters: Whole New Way

It would be a shame to enter fall without acknowledging one of summer’s greatest album releases, which would–of course–be Scissor Sisters Night Work. Not just any record launch, the provocative glam rockers have kept quiet in the music world for 4 long years. It was a shocking hiatus, since the band sold their self-titled debut album with numbers totaling a whopping 7 million. After teaching us all the virtue of patience, the crew and their new material is dishing out lessons on sexuality.

With this much-anticipated work, the founding members of the 4-piece group, Jake Shears and Scott “Babydaddy” Hoffman, have celebrated and embraced their openly gay sexuality, giving it an erotic, disco flavor that anyone can get down to. Considering that the band name derived from a woman-on-woman erotic position–not Jake’s sur name, as some of us innocent folk may have assumed–it is not a shockingly seductive style for them. In fact, many would say this very playfully ‘bad’ behavior has attracted their incredible fame and loving followers. The Sisters can bank on the undeniable reality that, hey, we’re all human. Who couldn’t relate?

Many Scissor Sisters’ fans were relieved to hear that “Whole New Way,” among their other new falsetto-rockin’ tracks, keeps up with the exuberant pop-minded sounds of their past. They’ve remained true to their Elton John-esque 70’s influence and main goal, to get the crowd moving. Don’t get too nostalgic, as the lyrics announce, they’ve “found a whole new way to love you” and it “is gonna blow your mind.”

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