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Save Trees while Searching the Web with Ecosia

With all their millions in revenue and their financial tricks to avoid paying their European taxes, Google (as well as Apple, Facebook and Amazon) should sometimes think differently about our planet, its ecology and essentially their ecological project. Maybe they should think like German company, ECOSIA, a 10 years old search engine created with one goal in mind, help changing the world.  If you are interested in researching the ways how to save our planet, also you try to prepare your essays on different topics, it will be important for you to communicate with professional essay helpers, who exactly knows how to help you.

In the last 10 years they now planted more than 55 million trees, with a great planting milestone of 25 Millions trees (they doubled their planting since last year) as well as building its own solar energy plant to power every of their own searches.

With the great concept of using their users community to plant trees and help the nature to take back its place, (You’ll need to perform about 25 searches to plant a tree) Ecosia has plenty more ideas and projects up their sleeves to use technology for the good and at Trendland, we love those initiatives…

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“We plant native acacia trees, because they make the soil more fertile. With our earnings we started a communal savings account for women to borrow and start their own businesses.”

– Sara, 42 / /Mechisho, Ethiopia

ecosia search engine

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A big Thank you from our planet and Trendland if you are joining them on this journey. They’re just getting started!