Le Rosé Bleu

Save the Oceans While Drinking ‘Le Rosé Bleu’

This new rosé brand from Saint-Tropez (Provence), has been created with a global mission: Helping to raise awareness of ocean plastic and preventing it from entering the ocean.


Le Rosé Bleu partnered with Plastic Ocean Foundation on this very simple concept: for every bottle of Rosé bought, 100 plastic bottles are prevented from entering the ocean.


A nice way to encourage people helping a great cause while discussing the issue over a glass of wine.

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The Beautiful branding were made by Mexican design Agency Anagrama

Le Rosé Bleu founder, Vincent Lelard, created it after being inspired by the award-winning film, A Plastic Ocean, which was distributed by the not-for-profit organization Plastic Oceans International in order to incite a global movement to rethink single use plastic

If nothing is done, it’s estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans.
Julie Andersen, Global Executive Director, for Plastic Oceans International says:

“It’s a big problem but one that can be solved with not only big solutions, but small ones also. That’s exactly why we’ve created the Rethink. Refill. program. We are very grateful for Le Rose? Bleu for supporting our efforts and taking action to become part of the solution. By helping us to empower others to reduce their reliance on single- use plastic, they are a shining example of social enterprise at its best.”

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Le Rosé Bleu

save the ocean le rose bleu scaled

Donations linked to the sale of every bottle fund Plastic Ocean’s “Rethink. Refill.” Campaign – a program that helps people reduce their dependence on single-use plastics by providing water-refill stations and reusable bottles. Le Rosé Bleu will also support beach clean-up initiatives and global awareness using the film A Plastic Ocean and its associated multi-language education programs.

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Combining passion and purpose

With appreciation for French rosés skyrocketing, this French entrepreneur who had already launched a premium rose called Maison Charlotte a few years ago saw the opportunity to bring greater attention to an issue he cared deeply about.

He decided to bring a luxury approach to the social enterprise model successfully implemented by brands such as ThankYou and Who Gives A Crap, in order to bring the profit with purpose model to the wine and hospitality sector.

Having combined a high-end product with an innovative brand design and a fresh approach to distribution, he hopes that sought after venues and discerning consumers will proudly share these wines with others.

Le Rosé Bleu just launched in Australia and is looking for distributors worldwide, so drop them a line here if interested.

Le Rosé Bleu