Satta Amassagana by Jan-Jan Van Essche

Young emerging menswear designer Jan-Jan Van Essche is launching his collection N#2 called ‘Satta Amassagana’ which means ‘give thanks’ in Amharic. Jan-Jan’s second collection is a continuation of his previous work as his particular loose forms evolve naturally,  resulting in unrestrained masculine volumes inspired by refined patterns and pure ethnic shapes.

The ‘Satta Amassagana’ collection has a desaturated color palette that accentuates the feeling of one being in a desert landscape, still maintaining the collections freshness.

Born and based in Antwerp, Belgium, he graduated in 2003 from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp and has won several prices, including the prestigious Dries Van Noten award.


Unlike most designers Jan-Jan designs and produces one collection a year. His collections can be seen as annual wardrobes to be worn through the seasons by layering up and down. all pieces are individually numbered in limited series. Each garment is produced before the launch of each collection, preserving exclusivity and creating off the shelf collections.

So far Jan-Jan Van Essche’s collection is available at the newest select shops such as ‘Hunting & Collecting’ in Brussels, ‘RA13’ and ‘Atelier Solarshop‘ in Antwerp, ‘Nen Xavier‘ in Rotterdam.

COLLECTION#2 launch @ Atelier Solarshop:
June 9th-19th (showroom /pop-up store)
Dambruggestraat 48
2060 Antwerp

From this collection on Jan-Jan will have a showroom installation in Paris during the men’s fashion week in June.

Showroom / installation @ FAT Galerie :
June 26th till 29th
1, rue Dupetite- Thuoars
75003 Paris

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