Sao Paulo Fashion Week FW 2010 Runway Review

It comes as no surprise that Alexandre Herchcovitch drew the spotlight for Fall/Winter 2010 Sao Paulo Fashion Week, where he presented his mens and womenswear collections. What baffles me though, is how one mind can produce such contrasting thoughts simultaneously.

Herchcovitch’s womenswear was beaming with cultural references of nomadic/gypsy lifestyles juxtaposed against a royal divinity of a Cleopatric power and beauty. While his menswear presentation had a much darker influence, perhaps drawn from a universal celebration best known from its Mexican roots, “Dia de los Muertes”. The face painting was a direct reference of that for me, and looking into it a bit more deeply I can hypothesize that the color palette came from there as well, though his hues did take on a deeper, darker temperament.

Maria Bonita, one if Brazil’s fashion brand icons brought it back to the basics for Fall/Winter 2010. The collection was a lesson on graphics an balance of color. The Maria Bonita collection was the best delivery of sportswear in the Brazilian fashion weeks for Fall/Winter 2010.

I was happy to see Lara Stone walking the runway for Forum’s futuristic take on Fall/Winter 2010. I liked the contrast of the hyper stiff-constructed to the sheer-graphism.

The Rosa Cha collection was very  on trend. The body conscious suits played so ironically with the lingerie/lace motif to create a kind of trompe l’oeil.

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