Sandra Backlund FW 09/2010

10-7-Peter-Gehrke 10-2-Peter-Gehrke

For her latest collection Sandra Backlund has collaborated with Maglificio Miles (an Italian knitwear manufacturing company). The collection was shown at the White Club back in March. The designs are reminiscent of her previous collections”ink blot test” and “blank page” but this time around in black. Her pieces are all made by machine and in much finer yarn. Wool/Cashmere blends were used giving a much lighter finer garment as opposed to her previous heavier designs.


Sandra was allowed access to the manufacturers knitwear sample archive (comprised of over 30,000 samples) so that she could pick out what stitches and techniques would suit her collection. I personally think it’s a great start to a fantastic collaboration and I cannot wait to see more.


“We have met a lot of famous and talented designers at Miles, but we had never seen anything like Sandra’s pieces. Even my mother Silvia, who’s been working in this field for forty years, found it difficult to understand how Sandra could create by hand those pieces.” – Michele Bocchese (sales and marketing manager)






Photos by Peter Gehrke