Samsung Washing Machine Ad

” Nothing stays on clothes at a 1300RPM spin speed. I wonder why the color of the clothes is still so bright and clear? ”

Advertising Campaign: 1300RPM maximum spin speed
Client: Samsung


I love these ads, how visual and clever! This ad campaign was done by FP7 Doha, Qatar based creative agency to illustrate the strength and value of this model of the Samsung washing machine. The funny part is, I saw some comments on this ad campaign from a guy who lives in Dubai and is very frustrated because after seeing the Ad, he went to purchase the machine and they said it was only produced for the US market. He expressed great disappointment in the inefficient use of marketing/ad capital, “How strange why would anyone advertise product that doesn’t exists in the market, is Samsung doing so great in these difficult times that they can produce campaigns for products that do not exists.” 🙂



Advertising Agency: FP7 Doha
Creative Director: Fadi Yaish
Art Director: Supparat Thepparat
Copywriter: Kongpope Siriwattanagarn
Producer: Wizard Photography
Photographer: Wizard Photography
Country: Qatar