Oxgut Hose Mats

Salvaged Fire Hoses Furniture by Oxgut

Oxgut Hose hose stack

Oxgut rescues fire hoses originally destined for landfills and give it a new life in the form of furniture and interior accessories. Once reincarnated, they serve both form and function in home, office and life. They take shape in floor mats, lounge chairs, hammocks, eyeglass holders or slippers. Oxgut is making very modern furniture with ancient hoses that have a rich history!

Oxgut Hose chairs

Oxgut Hose Mats

Oxgut Hose Mat

Oxgut Hose slippers

Oxgut Hose lounger

Oxgut Hose hammock

Oxgut Hose chair

Oxgut Hose log carrier

Oxgut Hose eyeglass holder

Oxgut Hose wine bottle holder

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