Saint Honoré Wallpapers

If you are bored of your homes interior, there is no better fix then slapping in a funky wallpaper to spice up your life. check out some of these rad graphics!

The ‘Saint Honoré’ collection of wallpapers is resolutely modern, and is the result of a collaboration between the design firm Ugly Edition and young contemporary artists.

The ‘Contemporary Collection’ reflects a desire to present new graphic designs created exclusively for ‘Saint Honoré’ by Phillipe Rossetti and Simon Pillard, working together under the ‘Munchausen’ name.

Throughout their work, Munchausen touches us with their dreamlike world and their desire for wonderment, as well as by their ability to take age-old symbols towards perversion and slide them delicately into poetic images.

Their ‘Clouds’ motif received a special prize from the jury at the ‘WallpaperLab’ exhibition at the Paris Decorative Arts Museum in November 2006.