Rozanne Hawksley’s Art of Death

rozanne hawksley-bible

Rozanna Hawksley’s brilliantly eery work reminds me so much of Francis Bacon’s paintings. Their austere expression deals with aspects of the human condition, particularly death. “Rozanne Hawksley combines textiles, found objects and embroideries to create small-scale textile installations. They all pack an emotional punch, many dealing with themes of loss, isolation and the effects of war (Hawksley herself was a war-time evacuee).” Her work is accompanied by a self-titled book written by Mary Schoeser, which studies the artist’s process and expression.

rozanne hawksley-pale rider 2008(2)

rozanne hawksley

rozanne hawksley-pale armistice(2)rozanne hawksleymissionaccomplished

rozanne hawksley2

rozanne hawksley-Veterans1978

rozanne hawksley-we are legion 1997

rozanne hawksley-venice

rozanne hawksley-byebyebaby2008

rozanne hawksley-sir galahad 1987-2008(1)

rozanne hawksley-garter

rozanne hawksley-metamorphosis

rozanne hawksley-get thee to the nunnery

rozanne hawksley-surgeonsequipment2003