Roy David Architecture Unveils The Headquarters Of Nuvo

1,500-square-meters of research and development space for the maternal-fetal health and technology company

For their new headquarters in Tel Aviv, the maternal health technology company, Nuvo hired Roy David Architecture, a leader in office interior architecture. The new office feels like a startup and occupies an entire floor with 1,500 square-meters of playful design.

Founded in 2007, Nuvo has dedicated itself to developing wearable, sensor-based technologies for pregnancy health. Roy David Architecture’s design brief was to create a space that reflects both the data-centric and feminine nature of Nuvo’s primary product, a revolutionary fetal monitor that vastly improves this segment of healthcare.

Nuvo has transformed the experience of pregnancy by connecting mothers and physicians to real-time information that enables healthcare providers to better manage the experience for both mothers and babies while reducing cost to healthcare systems.

The space provides a variety of working environments that accommodate the unique and highly technical work done by the company’s employees, ranging from textile testing, development and data algorithms to marketing and finance.

Roy David Architecture chose elegant and colorful soft lines, light ash wood, olive and coral finishes, to define the space. These work in sync with the more linear elements that can be seen, for example, in details of the custom furniture and ceiling elements throughout the space.

Photography Credit: Itay Benit