Romaneira Hotel: Portugal

Deep in northern Portugal’s Douro Valley on the banks of the Douro River, on 400 hectares of sprawling private vineyards is a place that only exists in one’s dreams. Drenched in lush green pastures, vineyards and continuous birdsong is Romaneira, or  Quinta dos Sonhos (Place of Dreams), and here, the dream has become a reality in an expression of peace, tranquility and utmost beauty. If you have not been to Portugal and it is on your bucket list, this quinta is a must.

You will never forget this experience and you will relive it often in your real life, when the stress starts coming, the memory of Romaneira will lift you out of it and lighten your load, i promise. Only recently have the locals discovered that that their ancient local grape varieties can be used to make not only excellent Port wines, but increasingly outstanding unfortified wines that are finding their place among the great wines of the world.

13 rooms and six apartments set across two houses, 2 pools, one indoor and one out,( which boasts the most spectacular view of the river and vineyards); a chapel, a restaurant with an incredible wine list (duh), a hammam (massage room) equipped with Moroccan robes and slippers and a library filled with design books .Owner Thierry Teyssier has done a great job with the interiors, handpicking antiques and objets d’art from around the world. The result is utmost serenity amongst a beautiful, chic and inspiring environment.

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