Rolex Customized by Project X Designs

Its been on my writing list for a while now, and they even came up with 2 new models since I first wanted to feature them. British brand Project X Designs is a London-based Rolex ‘customizer’ launched by Daniel Bourn out of a desire to “provide a service to clients who appreciate the history and allure of original manufacturers’ brand name. Their Limited Edition Collection features original Rolex, customized by and produced in runs of just 24 individually numbered watches per design.

Using customized ORIGINAL watch parts only, the Project X Limited Edition designs fuse retro styling, inspired by the iconic sports watches of the past with the latest in carbon coating technology creating a modern twist on a classic design. Once SOLD OUT, each particular design will NOT be repeated.

Ursula Andress with Sean Connery sporting the first sport band with a Rolex – from Dr. NO in 1962.

The Submariner designed by the ‘New’ James Bond – Daniel Craig.

The Project X Designs PXD SS1 (pictured above) is highly customized 50th Anniversary Rolex Submariner with the following changes:
• Green Bezel is swapped with authentic black Rolex Submariner Bezel.
• Project X Designs green “X” in circle logo applied to dial just above Submariner designation.
• Crown Guards Carefully shaved off with updated winding crown tube.
• Rolex Trademark Submariner Cyclops Date Magnifier removed.

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